£20 per month adults
£15 per month juniors (under 18’s in full-time education)

Includes 1hr 30 mins training every week with a fully qualified coach,
affiliation to All England Netball and entry to Warrington League (if you want to play competitively).

We welcome players of all ages and abilities, however we are currently unable to accommodate any more ‘back to netball’ or beginners. If you have experience playing at a competitive level there are a limited number of spaces available so please do contact us. New members first session is FREE.

We have 5 teams playing in the Warrington Winter and Summer Leagues. We play matches every Wednesday at Birchwood Tennis Centre.

We also play in the Cheshire Elite League (County League) Matches take place approximately once a month on a Saturday.

We also enter many Tournaments throughout the summer .

Please do contact Emma if you would like to play competitively.

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